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Dog Health Concerns Commonly Found In Older Dogs

Knowing all about your Dog Health is essential! 

Abrasions: Abrasions are often a cause of scratching and biting skin surfaces that itch. Herbal treatments include an infusion of blackberry leaves, rosemary leaves, or elderflowers and leaves to which a small witch hazel has been added. Apply topically to abrasions. it is suggested that no greasy preparations be used for the reason that they will retain moisture on the skin surfaces and retard healing. Dog Health Sometimes causes concerns

Abscesses: Abscesses are the body’s attempt to throw off by means of the skin toxins from impure blood. Blood that is excessively toxic is choked and is not capable to carry away the waste matter of cell metabolism by means of its usual channels. Thus white blood cells surround disease-producing bacteria and toxic waste and carry them out of the body by means of the skin in the sort of pus. If your dog is bothered by numerous abscesses a while ago, or by common growths, he should have fasted for many days on distilled water and raw honey (to keep up his energy): two to 4 teaspoonful a day, depending on the size of the dog. Keep in mind your Dog Health is essential!

As the dog begins to eliminate more toxins, give him many garlic cloves every day with his food. Garlic will help him to detoxify even more. Hot fomentations (packs) of blackberry leaves or elderberry, could be put on the abscesses. You can in addition use chopped-up garlic or onion or both, heated in many ounces of castor oil. You can heat it in a pan of water till it is comfortably hot and then apply as hot packs. Nutrients that could be helpful in treating abscesses are supplements A, C, and E, and B complicated, red clover, cayenne pepper, goldenseal, and grated carrots or potatoes.

Anemia: Anemia is a relative lack of hemoglobin and oxygen in the blood. It is often a cause of faulty diet, lack of exposure to sunlight, and constipation of the entire system, this includes the reduced bowel. The dog may become weak and faint, losing energy and stamina. His eyes may show immoderate brightness in the white segment. Internal parasites may weaken a dog, provoking severe anemia. Anemia can be a cause of too small blood or too few red cells. If you verify your dog’s gums, they will be whiter than usual, upon stress, and slow to return to pink color.

Your dog may lack enough iron in his diet; toxins made by numerous diseases can cause an anemic situation. To skyrocket the iron in his diet, you can give him desiccated liver and brewers’ yeast, in with his food. You can in addition give berries or fruits of the black multiplicity including blackberry, bilberry, elderberry, or grapes. Honey is in addition good, and also eggs, kelp, and parsley. Other nutrients that could be helpful in situations of anemia are supplements C, E, and the B complicated, protein, and copper and iron. Chemical iron aggravates anemia and causes constipation.

Health Concerns Commonly Found In Older Dogs: Part 2

Arthritis: Arthritis: Arthritis has become a typical ailment in dogs, especially the older dog. Several factors contribute to this condition, including an all-cooked-food diet, lack of exercise, poor absorption of minerals, and lack of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. It occurs as inflammation in bones and joints. The onset is gradual and the owner notices the dog having increased difficulty in walking, getting up, lying down, running, and moving in general.

Putting an arthritic dog on distilled water exclusively will help to leach out some of the mineral deposits that have settled in the joints. Your dog also needs a live-food diet. You may use a good-quality dry kibble as a base, but beside it give your dog lots of sprouts, grated raw vegetables, garlic, and raw fruits, all of which are alkalizing to the body. Meats and grains are acid-forming for the foremost part, and an arthritic dog already has an excessive amount of acid in his diet. Any meat should be raw to slightly braised. you’ll feed rosemary leaves daily as an infusion (steep them in water).

Keep the dog in a warm, dry place, and try to give him some moderate exercise in sunlight. You can feed him rosemary leaves daily as an infusion (steep them in water). The inflamed areas can be massaged with four tablespoonfuls of raw, unrefined olive oil, one tablespoonful of linseed oil, and ½ teaspoon of eucalyptus oil. Nutrients that may be beneficial in treating arthritis are vitamins A, B complex, C, D, E, and F; calcium, iodine, lecithin, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, and protein.

Bad Breath: Bad breath is usually caused by a constipated gastrointestinal system, locking in putrefying toxic wastes.  This comes from having too much dead, refined food, and not enough raw, live food or fiber (roughage) in the diet. A sluggish system will give back the stench of indigestion, all the way back up to the mouth again.

A dog can be constipated even if he has a daily bowel movement. In fact, only a few dogs are not constipated throughout their lifetime, although this is rarely evident to their owners. Infusions of rosemary leaves and flowers, lemon juice and water, apple juice, raw honey, and a short fast (several days) will all serve to sweeten up the intestines. Regular fasting, one day a week, on distilled water and raw honey, will help to rest the digestive organs on a regular basis, giving them a chance to catch up on their contents. Use lots of raw fruits and vegetables in the diet, give yogurt to reinstate the friendly bacterial flora, and feed only raw or slightly braised meat. Learn more about your Dog Health here!


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